Author & Book Pics on the Read Tuesday Website

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If you’re new to the Read Tuesday concept, it’s a Black Friday type of sales event just for books. Click on the About page to learn more.

A page showing participating authors has been added. This is just a preliminary page, like the catalog, and only includes the first authors to sign up. It needs a little formatting.

There is a photo for most of the authors, and it’s a clickable link.

This looks like a reasonably efficient way to add images into the catalogs. WordPress has an Add Media button, and within this menu is the option to insert a picture from the image url. We then link the image to the image url, so it works as a clickable image.

In order for this to work, the url has to end with the letters jpg. Find the image for you as author or for the cover of your book, right-click the image, and choose to copy the image location. Then when you paste this link, if it’s a jpeg image, the last three letters of the url should be jpg. If so, it will work.

When you add yourself or your book to the Read Tuesday author or book catalog, use the image url and we will insert it as a clickable link for you.

If you’ve already submitted to the catalog, don’t make a repeat submission. Instead, just use the Contact Us form or leave a comment below. Include your name, the title of your book (if it’s for the book catalog), and the image url.

We’ll soon be revising the book catalog to include more images. For those of you who’ve already made requests to have your image included, we’ll try to hunt what we need down for you. However, if you don’t see your book’s image showing in the next few days and would like for it to show, please let us know.

If you see any need for corrections or have suggestions, we’d like to hear about it.

Chris McMullen, coordinator of the Read Tuesday event

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