The New and Improved Read Tuesday Book Catalog

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We’ve replaced the old Read Tuesday book catalog with a more visually appealing book catalog.

You can view the new catalog by clicking one of the following links:

Authors, please check your covers to ensure that they’re in the right catalog and link where you want them to go. If you have any corrections, please let us know. (I was asked about the Carrie Cross book in a previous message. In the submission, it was listed as Teen. Should it instead be in Children’s?)

If you’re an author and would like to add your books to the catalog, just send us the following:

  • The ASIN (for a Kindle e-book) or ISBN for an Amazon print book.
  • Otherwise, send us the name of your book and a link to the cover that you’d like added to the catalog (i.e. from a website where it will be on saleβ€”pick one cover and website per book only).

You can separately request to have your author image included in the author catalog. In this case, we need a link to the author photo that you’d like to use.

Feel free to make your request through the Contact Us link, the comments section of this page, by email (click on the Gravatar of Chris McMullen from his blog), or however you feel most comfortable.

Help to spread the news about Read Tuesday, and that will help to make it a huge success. Thank you to the many authors and readers who have been helping to spread the word. You don’t know how much we love you for this, but we do. πŸ™‚

Give the gift of reading this holiday season.

Chris McMullen, Coordinator of Read Tuesday

20 responses to “The New and Improved Read Tuesday Book Catalog

    • I think it depends on where you click on my Gravatar.
      If I click on it at the Chris McMullen homepage, below where it says Contact Info, I see my email address in the top right corner.
      If I click on it in the Recent Comments section higher up on this page, it takes me to my blog.
      If I click on it right here in the comments section, it shows my email address.

      • I am clicking on the Gravatar in your comments. The one you hover over to check out who you are speaking with and the one that appears when you “like” something. When you click on View Profile (the blue bar) it should show all of your contact info for folk who want to connect with you.

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