Get Your T.V. on Black Friday & Your Books on Read Tuesday

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We all know that Black Friday is a great day to buy a t.v. Well, Read Tuesday is a great day to shop for books.

Read Tuesday is a huge sales event just for books scheduled for Tuesday, December 10 in 2013.

This is a wonderful opportunity to:

  • Save big money on some cool books.
  • Help promote reading and literacy.
  • Give the gift of reading this holiday season.

A sample of participating books and authors can be found for the following categories:

New books and authors are added to the sample weekly.

How do readers participate? Just find books that are participating in the Read Tuesday sales event and buy them at the retailers where they are on sale:

  • Click on any book in the catalogs above to visit a website where it will be on sale on Tuesday, December 10, 2013.
  • Many of the e-books will be on sale at Amazon’s Kindle, but some will also be on sale at Smashwords and elsewhere.
  • A list of discount codes for participating CreateSpace paperbacks and Smashwords e-books will be collected and posted on the Read Tuesday website when the sale begins.
  • Some of the CreateSpace paperbacks will also be on sale at Amazon (i.e. instead of through discount codes).
  • There will also be books on sale at small publishers’ and authors’ websites for direct purchase.
  • Look for authors who will be promoting their Read Tuesday sales on December 10 and the days leading up to the big event.

How do authors participate? Simply place a request to have your books added to the Read Tuesday catalog. Participation is free (no sign-up fees or subscriptions, just free and easy). Choose one of the methods below. For Kindle e-books, all we need is the ASIN; for others, send us one url to a page where the book will be on sale. (Choose one url per book.) If you’d like to be added to the sample of participating authors, also send a url to a photo that you’d like to include in the catalog. Remember, you don’t need to do all of these; just pick one method that you like best. Note that to participate your book must be on a temporary discount from the regular list price for a short period that includes December 10, 2013. Your book just needs to be on sale through one sales channel, it doesn’t matter what that channel is (it could just be your website even). You only need to discount one book to participate (though you’re welcome to discount more of your books).

  • Complete the Contact Us form.
  • Email Chris McMullen at
  • Add a comment to any post or page at the Read Tuesday website (this page will be fine).
  • Or complete the Google Docs forms for books or authors.

A couple of small publishers have already signed up for Read Tuesday. If you’re a small publisher or indie publisher who will be participating, let us know. We’ll be contacting small publishers about the opportunity to place a free ad on our website. The same goes for booksellers, including indie booksellers, and any authors who have some measure of name recognition. Space is limited.

Would you like to help make Read Tuesday even bigger? Here’s how you can:

  • Tell a friend. Tell several friends. Tell strangers. Tell your dog.
  • If you’re a reader, write one or more posts on Twitter, Facebook, or your blog, for example, about your excitement for Read Tuesday, especially on the day of the event and the days leading up to it.
  • If you’re a reader, check out the sample of books and authors. Check them out again in early December. See if you find any books that you like, or your family or friends may like (or you may like someone to give to you as a present).
  • If you’re an author who would like to participate, please contact us to add your book(s) and/or photo to the catalog.
  • If you’re an author, promote that your book will be participating in Read Tuesday, especially on the day of the event and the days leading up to it.

Here is a huge THANK YOU to the many wonderful people who have already helped with Read Tuesday. We’ve seen reblogs and retweets, reblogs of reblogs and retweets of retweets, tons of likes and follows, many wonderful and helpful comments, excellent suggestions, guest blogs, blog posts, clever tweets, offers to help, and much enthusiasm and support. The success of Read Tuesday will be a result of all this amazing participation. Everyone who has helped (or who will help), even in some small way, you all deserve a big round of applause. Thank you!

Chris McMullen, founder of Read Tuesday

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Like the Read Tuesday page at Facebook

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