Twenty Questions With Charles Yallowitz

These authors were highly creative with their 20 questions and answers about writing or reading. It’s worth a look.


Charles Yallowitz is a rising star of the Fantasy genre.  The first two books of his “Legends Of Windemere” are available on Kindle now, and he’s hard at work on the next.  In addition, he writes poetry, short stories, and a very entertaining blog.  I asked him twenty questions, are here are his answers.


You are building your dream house. Choose three characters from three separate fictional works (not your own) to head up your construction crew.

Spider-Man because he doesn’t need a ladder and is strong enough to do a lot of work, but not too strong. Tom Sawyer because he is highly skilled at convincing other people to do manual labor. Ender Wiggin because he is an intelligent planner who can adjust to new situations.

What album do you play when you are depressed that can be guaranteed to make you feel better?

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