Popular Authors Participating in Read Tuesday

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We are very fortunate to have some popular authors participating in Read Tuesday, a Black Friday type of event scheduled for December 10.

Following is a sample of authors who have agreed to participate in this big sales event.

We are honored to have popular historical fiction author M. Louisa Locke taking part in Read Tuesday.

  • M. Louisa Locke’s Maids of Misfortune book has over 500 reviews on Amazon.
  • Maids of Misfortune is the first book in her series, A Victorian San Francisco Mystery.
  • The series will be on sale in paperback and books 2 and 3 will also be on sale as eBooks on Read Tuesday (details to come later).

Cate Dean is the author of some popular paranormal novels.

  • Cate’s paranormal series is The Claire Wiche Chronicles.
  • Look for book 1, Rest for the Wicked, and many other good books on Read Tuesday.

Charles Yallowitz is catching much attention for his sword and sorcery series, Legends of Windemere.

  • Legends of Windemere is a popular Kindle series in the teen category.
  • The first book in the series, Beginning of a Hero, will be on sale on Read Tuesday, as will many other good books.

One sign that Read Tuesday will be a truly happy occasion is that we have a couple of participating authors who specialize in happiness, including Valerie Alexander.

  • Happiness as a Second Language is a popular nonfiction book in the happiness category at Amazon.
  • Read Tuesday is a great opportunity save big on this happiness guide and many other fine nonfiction books.

In the children’s category, one of the participating authors is Malia Ann Haberman.

  • Malia is the author of The Chase Tinker Series.
  • This series includes Chase Tinker and the House of Magic and Chase Tinker and the House of Secrets.
  • These and other fine children’s books will be discounted on Read Tuesday.

Julie Harper is the author of creative children’s writing workbooks.

  • Her series of Wacky writing workbooks will be on sale on Read Tuesday, including her popular Wacky Sentences Handwriting Workbook.
  • Julie’s other workbooks, with specific themes for boys, girls, and teens, will also be on sale on Read Tuesday.

Many other fine books will be participating on Read Tuesday. This is just a brief sample.

Want to see more? Check out the Read Tuesday catalog:

How do authors sign up?

Learn more about these featured authors:

Like the Read Tuesday concept? Help spread the word. Tell your friends about the great savings and the books you’re looking forward to. Know some authors? Tell them about this wonderful opportunity.

Read Tuesday: It’s going to be HUGE!

Give the gift of reading this holiday season.

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    Popular historical fiction novelist M. Louisa Locke, who has over 500 reviews of Maids of Misfortune, is one of many authors who will be participating on Read Tuesday, a Black Friday event just for books. Check out this article, which highlights a handful of authors who will be participating in this big event.

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    So thrilled and excited to be participating in Read Tuesday! If you’re an indie author, sign up for this promotion now, and if you’re a reader or want to give books as gifts, this will be the day to get great bargains.

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