Published Authors Want to Participate in Read Tuesday

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Give the gift of reading this holiday season.

Several published authors have recently contacted me to inquire about how they can participate in and support Read Tuesday—a Black Friday type of event just for book lovers on December 10, 2013.

This is great news. It shows that word is spreading well and that the concept is attracting many new readers and authors.

The problem is that the publishers control the price. So how can published authors participate? Here are a few suggestions:

  • Ask the publisher if they can put the book on a temporary sale. Any edition of the book through any sales channel would work. The sale just needs to include December 10. A small publisher may be more receptive to this.
  • Does the publisher sell books directly from the publisher’s website? If so, the publisher may be willing to discount the book for direct sales, or may be willing to create a discount code.
  • Do you control the price of any edition—e.g. an e-book edition? If so, you can put this edition on sale. That would work.
  • Do you have copies that you can sell directly from your author website or via email (using PayPal)? If so, if you can offer a discount on Read Tuesday, this would work. (Although buyers would have to pay shipping, perhaps if you sell a signed copy, for example, that will help to make the total cost worthwhile.)
  • Is it a small publisher? If so, perhaps the publisher would be willing to have multiple books participate in Read Tuesday—through direct sales from the publisher’s website, for example. As an added incentive, we can help to promote the publisher’s participation.

If you can’t put the book on sale, perhaps you could offer some sort of ‘book extras’ instead. For example, you might create a special opportunity for readers to interact with the author on Read Tuesday. When we list sale prices, discount codes, and where books will be available on Read Tuesday, we can also include a section describing such ‘book extras.’

Does anyone have any other suggestions for how published authors might be able to participate in Read Tuesday? If so, we would love to hear them.

A simple way to help support Read Tuesday is just to help spread the news—simply by word of mouth would be great, but any means will be much appreciated.

Book lovers can check out the catalog by clicking here.

Authors can learn how to sign up by clicking here.

Give the gift of reading this holiday season.

Chris McMullen, Founder of Read Tuesday

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9 responses to “Published Authors Want to Participate in Read Tuesday

  1. Authors tied to publishers can’t run sales, but those writers can run guest posts by READ TUESDAY participants. The point about doing the Q&A thing wasn’t about featuring people robotically plugging a sale.

    When I ran the Q&A, that offer went to READ TUESDAY participants, those who couldn’t host a sale, and unpublished authors. I’ve blogged all three types. Writers tied to publishers who can’t run sales can still plug READ TUESDAY. I’d like to see them support unpublished scribblers too.

    Yes, we’re plugging a sale event. But if we aren’t having fun writing, we aren’t having fun writing. Enthusiasm for a sale is good. You know in your bones that enthusiasm for reading and writing is better. I made a rod for my back answering my own Q&A differently each time, but I still managed to laugh.

    I am neck-deep in writing a tale, but I will return to READ TUESDAY and do some sort of follow-up as the event nears. Of note – spam increased slightly as a result of my supporting the cause of storytelling. A small price to pay. Anyone else getting that?

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