Thank You for All the Support for Read Tuesday

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When I came up with the concept for Read Tuesday—a Black Friday type of sale just for book lovers on December 10, 2013—a couple of months ago, I felt there was a good chance that the idea would die out in a week or two. But that didn’t stop me from giving it my best shot. I’m thankful that I carried it through.

There is only one reason that this event didn’t die out in a couple of weeks, and it has nothing to do with me: It’s entirely due to the amazing amount of support from numerous authors and readers—people such as you.

Today is Thanksgiving here in the U.S., so it’s a good time to offer thanks for all this invaluable support:

  • Thanks to popular authors—including M. Louisa Locke (with over 500 reviews of Maids of Misfortune), Cate Dean, Charles Yallowitz, Valerie Alexander, Malia Ann Haberman, and many others—for participating in Read Tuesday. Your successes help to bring fans and credibility to this event.
  • Thanks to all authors who have enrolled their books in the Read Tuesday catalog. The initial interest that you have shown continues to help build additional interest.
  • Thanks to all the readers and book lovers who have expressed their interest in Read Tuesday. Thank you also to the readers who have discovered Read Tuesday and who are silently lurking in the background. The only way that Read Tuesday can be successful is through interested readers.
  • Thanks to author RLL. and others for their imaginative efforts to spread a passion for reading and writing in the context of Read Tuesday. This includes the 20 questions posts and the wanted posters, for example.
  • Thanks to Charles Yallowitz, Misha Burnett, S.K. Nicholls, and many other WordPress bloggers for the initial support that they offered for the concept of Read Tuesday. Without your help, the ball would never have lifted off the ground. Let me add that Charles Yallowitz, S.K. Nicholls, and many others have immensely helped to stimulate interest at Facebook and other sites, through writer and reader groups, for example.
  • Thanks to Sandra Beckwith (a former publicist), Christiana Miller, and several others for helping to create publicity for Read Tuesday. Sandra Beckwith and Valerie Alexander also offered valuable advice regarding the Read Tuesday press release.
  • Thanks to Papi Z, Jo Robinson, Elle Knowles, Rosie Amber, and countless others for all the reblogs, retweets, and other ways of spreading the news about Read Tuesday. I wish I could list everyone here.
  • Thanks to so many book lovers who have supported Read Tuesday, who weren’t named on this list (it would be a very long list indeed). Some valuable contributions have come from people I have yet to meet. I can still thank you for your help.

I wish I had time to make a comprehensive list for everyone who has contributed in some way. I wanted to make a brief list of thanks that represents the variety of support that Read Tuesday has received. Everybody’s support has been very helpful, and everybody’s contributions are much appreciated and valued. Here is a big THANK YOU to everyone who has helped in any way, even if I didn’t name you individually on this list.

One person couldn’t make Read Tuesday work. The recipe calls for a coordinated effort from hundreds of authors and readers working together, and that’s exactly what we’ve had thus far. Thank you so much.

May you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving. If you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, may you still have a wonderful day.

Book lovers can check out the catalog by clicking here.

Authors can learn how to sign up by clicking here.

Give the gift of reading this holiday season.

Chris McMullen, Founder of Read Tuesday

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8 responses to “Thank You for All the Support for Read Tuesday

    • It’s kind of like indie authorship. Each author’s idea is his/her responsibility. We feel compelled to carry out our ideas and see how they develop. But in the end, it takes a great deal of support from others for the idea to turn into a success.

  1. Thanks to you Chris for all the long hours you have put into this project. I really believe its going to be HUGE! Hopefully everyone follows through doing their part of discounting their books on time and getting the word out to our readers so this will be a great big success. We can’t stop now!

    • Some authors have told me that they’ve already scheduled their books to be on sale or that they’ve already created discount codes. Such early preparation is a good sign. 🙂

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