Collecting Promotional Sale Prices & Discount Codes


Attention authors:

We’re now collecting information regarding sale prices, discount codes, and book extras for your Read Tuesday promotions.

Read Tuesday will be a Black Friday type of sales event just for book lovers on December 10. It’s not too late to sign up, but time is running out. Sign-up is free and easy.

You can join hundreds of other authors, big and small, including popular authors such as M. Louisa Locke, Jessica James, and Cate Dean, to name a few. Fiction, nonfiction, any genre or category, adult, children, or teen.

If you complete the following Google Docs forms, we will include your book with Read Tuesday promotional posts. We won’t be revealing specific prices until December 9. It’s free and easy. Where else will you get free exposure like this?

  • If your book will be on sale through Kindle, click here to enter your pricing info. (It would be wise to test this out at KDP now to make sure there aren’t any snags. If there are, let us know. Maybe we can suggest something.)
  • If you will have a discount code for your book at CreateSpace or Smashwords, click here to enter your discount code.
  • If you will sell your book directly, or if your book will be on sale anywhere other than Kindle, CreateSpace, or Smashwords (like a print edition at Amazon), click here to enter your information. (Even if it’s not a direct sale, you can still complete this form despite the name.)
  • If you have other information to tell us, feel free to use the Contact Us form. For example, if you have book extras or review copies to offer.
  • If you have multiple books, it may be easier to use the Contact Us form to submit all of your information at once. Please include all of the fields from the Google Docs forms.

Completing the above forms will not get your book added to the Read Tuesday catalog. To add your book to the catalog, use the following forms:

  • Add your books to the Read Tuesday book catalog by clicking here. (You may use the Contact Us button instead, if you prefer.)
  • Add your author photo to the Read Tuesday author catalog by clicking here. (Be sure to provide the url to a webpage that shows your author photo. Otherwise, you won’t be added to the author catalog. Note that we can’t link to Facebook photos.)

We will distribute pricing information and discount codes through Read Tuesday promotions and the Read Tuesday email newsletter. You can sign up for the email newsletter by clicking here. Tell a friend, too. 🙂

Check out the CNN iReport for Read Tuesday. You can help support Read Tuesday by voting on it, commenting, and sharing the iReport on Facebook or Twitter. Click here to see the iReport. Tell your friends and maybe we can get additional national exposure for Read Tuesday.

View a sample of participating books and authors by clicking one of the links below:

Read Tuesday: It’s going to be HUGE!

Give the gift of reading this holiday season.

Chris McMullen, founder of Read Tuesday

Follow Read Tuesday (@ReadTuesday) on Twitter

Be one of over 1000 book lovers to Like the Read Tuesday page at Facebook


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