Buy the Print Edition as a Gift, Keep the Kindle Edition for Yourself Free (Read Tuesday)

Free Reading


If you enjoy reading, Read Tuesday is even better than Black Friday.

In 2014, Read Tuesday falls on December 9. It’s a Black Friday type of event just for book lovers.

Look for deep discounts on a variety of books.

Today, we’re featuring a promotion that’s perfect for the holidays:

Buy the print edition of a book to send as a gift, and keep the Kindle edition for yourself free.

Participating authors and publishers will make this possible through Amazon’s MatchBook offer.

MatchBook is a special Amazon program for books that are available in both print and on Kindle.

Authors or publishers can enroll their qualifying books in MatchBook.

If they make the MatchBook offer free on Read Tuesday, they can include their books in a special Read Tuesday promotion.

We’ll advertise that customers can buy the print edition to give as a gift and keep the Kindle edition for themselves for free.

This helps authors attract customers and it helps to sell more print books.

Ordinarily, most authors only rarely sell books through MatchBook. This is because many customers aren’t aware of the program, and those who are often don’t see the benefit.

But MatchBook can be quite beneficial during the holidays. Print books make for great gifts, and MatchBook lets customers keep the Kindle edition at a discount.

Authors who would like to participate just need to make their MatchBook offer free on Tuesday, December 9, 2014. (We recommend starting early and ending late. You can start now if you want. But we won’t be promoting it this early.)

If you want your free MatchBook offer featured on the Read Tuesday website, you just need to complete this Google Docs form:

Submit your free MatchBook offer here.


We will have a variety of promotions going on during Read Tuesday.

This will appeal to more customers, as not everyone is interested in the same kinds of books or deals.

This also creates more opportunities for authors. For example, right now very few authors have signed up for CreateSpace discount code promotions. If you happen to be one of a few authors to sign up for a particular promotion, you’ll definitely get good placement being featured on a short list.

In addition to MatchBook offers, authors can presently sign up for:

Kindle promotional prices:

Submit a Kindle promotion

Smashwords discount codes:

Submit a Smashwords discount code

CreateSpace discount codes:

Submit a CreateSpace discount code

We’ll have more opportunities coming soon.


Please support the Read Tuesday Thunderclap. This will help spread awareness on the morning of Read Tuesday (December 9, 2014).

It’s easy to help:

  • Visit
  • Click Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr and sign in.
  • Customize the message. (Optional.)
  • Agree to the terms. All that will happen is that the Thunderclap post about Read Tuesday will go out the morning of December 9.
  • (The warning message simply means that Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr need your permission to post the Thunderclap message on December 9. This is the only post that Thunderclap will make.)


Read Tuesday is a Black Friday type of event just for book lovers. In 2014, it will be held on Tuesday, December 9, 2014.

It’s a great deal for readers and gift-givers.

It’s FREE promotion for authors. We’re promoting the event. You just need to sign up. (Use the forms above.)

We currently have a social media reach of 186,000 (as of Halloween—we have over a month to greatly increase this figure) for our Read Tuesday Thunderclap campaign to help launch the event. You can help by signing up for the Thunderclap, and you can take advantage of this free exposure just by participating.


Selected Tuesdays will feature promotions or pre-orders of children’s, tween, or teen books.

Authors can find submission instructions and requirements here:


Give the gift of reading this holiday season.

Chris McMullen, founder of Read Tuesday

Follow Read Tuesday (@ReadTuesday) on Twitter

Like the Read Tuesday page at Facebook

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