When, exactly, is Read Tuesday? (Time Zones & Delays)

Conor Kelly by Ali Isaac


Read Tuesday is a Black Friday type of event just for book lovers on Tuesday, December 9, 2014.

But when, exactly, does Read Tuesday start and when does it end?

That, of course, depends on which time zone you’re in.

What really matters is when the book will go on sale and when the sale will end.

The Read Tuesday catalog shows the start and end dates and times for each sale. However, it doesn’t clarify the time zone, which is up to the author.

Many of the books went on sale prior to Read Tuesday and go off sale after Read Tuesday. (This is a wise practice, as it reduces the chances for time zone issues or delays interfering with potential sales.)

Another issue is that there are sometimes delays in making price changes (even when the price change can be scheduled in advance). It’s possible for a particular book’s sale to start a later than expected or to end earlier than expected.

All of the books should be on sale on December 9, and in most cases if you’re shopping on December 9 (and not at the last minute), you should find that the books that you want are indeed on sale.

This post describes what ‘could’ happen, just in case. The sooner you do your shopping, the better your chances of grabbing some great deals.

Here is my advice for readers and gift-givers:

  • If possible, don’t wait until the end of a book’s sale duration to make your purchase, as you might miss out. Try to grab the deal early.
  • The Read Tuesday catalog shows the regular and sale prices. This way, you can easily check if indeed the book is on sale when you check it.
  • Find the books you’re interested in by browsing the Read Tuesday catalog (see below for links). Check out the book’s product page now. It may actually be on sale now even if it seems like it shouldn’t start yet.
  • If the book isn’t on sale yet, add that product page to your Favorites or put the book in your Cart so that you can monitor its price. Check on it periodically.
  • If the book is on sale, grab it while it’s hot. (It’s easier to return a book if you change your mind than it is to wait for it to go back on sale if you miss out.)
  • If a book you really wanted happens to go off sale before you can grab it (or even if you discovered Read Tuesday a day late), visit the author’s website and contact the author. Most authors are thrilled to hear from readers or potential readers. They might even have a happy solution for you. (Maybe they can put the book back on sale another time and let you know when, or they might even have a better deal for you.) You’ll probably be happy that you asked.

May you find many good books to read and enjoy your Read Tuesday experience. ๐Ÿ™‚


We have both print books and e-books participating. (Did you know that e-books can be gifted? Learn how here.)

Choose one of the following pages, depending on your interests:

(1) Kindle Deals

These Kindle e-books are on sale. Find several low-priced deals (even freebies):


(2) Buy the Print Book, Get the Kindle Edition Free (Great Gift Option)

These books take advantage of Amazonโ€™s MatchBook tool, setting the MatchBook offer to free. First purchase the print edition at Amazon, then get the Kindle edition for free. Read the instructions at the top of this catalog (click the following link) to learn more (it includes pictures to help make sure that the MatchBook price will be free).


(3) Smashwords Coupon Codes

Prefer to buy e-books at Smashwords? Check out these discount codes (up to 100% off).


(4) Print Book Discount Codes (Paperbacks Make for Great Gifts)

These discount codes are valid at CreateSpace (an Amazon company, though the codes donโ€™t work at Amazon, only at CreateSpace). Find discounts up to 40% off. The per-book shipping charges are more economical if you purchase multiple books (be sure to apply each discount code and check that the savings are applied to all of the books).


(5) Free Print Books

This includes two kinds of free print books. Some are Goodreads Giveaway contests that you can enter. Others are free review copies that authors have available (contact the author at the link provided to learn more).


Meet Some of the Authors



Follow the Read Tuesday blog, or follow us at Twitter or Facebook to keep up with future Read Tuesday opportunities. Weโ€™ll highlight occasional deals during the year, and have another big (bigger!) Read Tuesday event in 2015.


Give the gift of reading this holiday season.

Chris McMullen, founder of Read Tuesday

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    • That’s what Amazon uses for Amazon.com. Authors who did Countdown Deals or who are familiar with Amazon’s time may have used Pacific Standard, though not necessarily. I must remember to clarify when I make the submission form next time.

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