Have a Book that Doesn’t Fit in? -or- Want to Read Something Different?

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Images from ShutterStock


There are two related problems from two different perspectives:

  1. Many readers may enjoy reading a totally brand new kind of book. But how do you find such a book when everything is listed in standard preexisting categories?
  2. Many writers are naturally creative, and wish to extend that creativity toward writing a totally different kind of book. But when you proceed to publish your book, how will readers discover it? When you need to select categories, e.g. at Amazon, the option just isn’t there.

Amazon really missed out on a golden opportunity here. Why didn’t they think of creating a Cool & New category, and making such a category visible? It would have been great for both readers and authors. (It’s not too late. Feel free to send in a suggestion. Seriously, the more similar suggestions a business receives, the more apt they are to consider it.)

Did you know that eBay has a Totally Bizarre category? They do. It’s under Weird Stuff > Totally Bizarre:


(Of course, such a category works best when everything that’s let into the category lives up to the expectations.)


Unfortunately, you probably can’t make a new category appear on Amazon just by asking for it (but don’t let me discourage you from trying).

So, at Amazon, authors will just have to make the best of the categories that are already there. Keywords can help both authors and readers in this regard.

But sometimes, the cool and new product you’d really love best is something you didn’t even know existed. Good luck finding that with keywords!

Here at Read Tuesday, we’d like to help out. Here’s our proposal:

  • Authors
    • Complete the form below.
    • Come up with a catchy name for your new category.
    • Describe this category and how your book fits into it.
    • We’ll add your book to a page devoted to Cool New Categories here at Read Tuesday.
    • It’s free.
  • Readers
    • Periodically return to Read Tuesday.
    • Check out the Cool New Categories page (once it goes live).
    • Follow Read Tuesday to stay tuned.
    • We’ll update the page periodically as we receive more submissions.
    • (If you want to buy a book, visit Amazon or other retailer where the book is sold.)


Have a book that doesn’t fit the standard categories?

Submit your book here to appear on a Cool New Books page at Read Tuesday.

It’s free.

Complete these steps:

STEP 1: Begin with the title and author name(s).

STEP 2: Come up with a catchy name for your new category.

STEP 3: Describe this new category and how your book fits into it. Try to be concise.

Don’t spoil the story. Strive to create reader interest.

Don’t include url’s or pricing information.

STEP 4: Do include ASIN and/or ISBN along with at least one major retailer where your book is available (e.g. Amazon, B&N, Smashwords, Apple). You can say, “Amazon and other major retailers,” for example, if you wish to condense your list.

Creatives that don’t follow directions are subject not to appear on the Read Tuesday website. Please review the directions above first. Follow all 4 steps.

Place all 4 steps in the Comments field.

Read Tuesday makes no guarantees regarding exposure or impact on sales or reviews. Submission is free and open to all authors who have a book available with a major online retailer.

Look for other possible opportunities for readers and authors in the future.

Imagine learning about books without first seeing them… Intrigued?

Check out Read Tuesday’s initiative called Meet the Characters.

Meet the Characters


Read Tuesday began as an annual promotional event like Black Friday, but for book lovers.

But there are now very many book promotion websites.

The spirit of Read Tuesday is to promote reading and to help match readers with good books, with free promotion for authors.

So Read Tuesday is evolving, looking for more opportunities like Cool New Books and Meet the Characters, designed to help readers find books that they may like and to help authors get discovered by readers.

Instead of promotional prices, we’re looking for other ways to match readers with books.

Give the gift of reading.


Follow Read Tuesday so you don’t miss out on future opportunities.

Chris McMullen, founder of Read Tuesday

Follow the Read Tuesday blog (see the option on our homepage)

or Follow Read Tuesday (@ReadTuesday) on Twitter

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15 responses to “Have a Book that Doesn’t Fit in? -or- Want to Read Something Different?

  1. I really like the idea of adding a category in Amazon for books that don’t fit cleanly into classical genres. If that were a real category in the Kindle store, I’d probably peruse it like there’s no tomorrow.

  2. Awesome idea! I’ve been calling my book by a made-up category from the start, so I’m glad to have found an opportunity to promote it in this way.

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