Meet the Characters (Judging Books n-o-t by their covers)

Image from ShutterStock.

Image from ShutterStock.


Now there is a way to get interested in a book without first judging the book by its cover.

It’s called Meet the Characters.

With Meet the Characters, one of the characters from a book introduces the book to you.

This way, you can meet one of the characters directly. You also get a taste of the author’s writing style.

And you do this without first seeing the cover.

If the book—or the character, rather—grabs your interest, you can then find the book at a major retailer.

Then you’ll already know something about the book, and be interested in it, before you see its cover.

We’re just getting started. You can check out the first handful of entries for Meet the Characters here:

We’ll add more soon. Follow the Read Tuesday blog (from our main website) to stay tuned.

Authors can submit to Meet the Characters for free. Here is how:

Submit to Meet the Characters

Another way that Read Tuesday is helping to match readers with authors is through Cool and New Books.

Cool and New Books helps readers discover new categories. It also helps authors who write in nonstandard categories get discovered.

Learn more about Cool New Books here (including how to submit):

Cool and New Books

Give the gift of reading.


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