Books of a Different Genre

Image from ShutterStock

Image from ShutterStock


How would you like to check out new book categories?

Well, they won’t spring up at Amazon frequently.

When an author writes a new genre of book, it gets classified among preexisting genres.

This makes it a challenge for readers to discover new kinds of books, breaking the standard mold. It’s also a challenge for the authors and publishers to get such books noticed.

So Read Tuesday has created a page called Cool & New Books, designed to feature books by authors that don’t fit into preexisting categories.

This allows readers to discover a new genre. It’s also free for authors to participate.

If you discover a book that interests you, find it on Amazon or other major retailer (where available).

We just launched this new page at Read Tuesday. Bookmark it, as it will expand as more authors discover it.

New & Cool Books


Another new page at Read Tuesday is called Meet the Characters.

The idea behind Meet the Characters is to provide an alternative way of learning about books.

Instead of first seeing the cover, with Meet the Characters, the first thing you see is short creative piece featuring one of the characters from the book.

This way, your first impression of the book is based on a short writing sample and one of the characters.

Meet the Characters


Authors can submit to Meet the Characters for free. Here is how:

Submit to Meet the Characters

Authors can submit to Cool & New Books for free. Learn how here:

Cool and New Books


We’re just getting started. We’ll add new pages to Read Tuesday in the coming weeks.

Follow Read Tuesday so you don’t miss out on future opportunities.


If Meet the Characters or New & Cool Books appeal to you, please tell a friend who may also appreciate it.

The more readers who visit these pages, the more authors will want to take a moment to showcase their books here.

If you know an author who might like these opportunities, please let him/her know about Read Tuesday.

Give the gift of reading.


Chris McMullen, founder of Read Tuesday

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