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Poetry-Prose Fusion

Einstein’s Cat by Tom Skinner

Maverick, accessible, genre-busting, poetry-prose fusion for bright kids and early adopters (ages 8-15) who think poetry is seriously boring!

Available on Amazon and other major retailers. ASIN: B00DU4OOQE

Political Poems

2016 Political Poems by Doris Ervin
Contemporary American culture, stressed to breaking by economics, immigration, race, religion and gender, blew up into an unknown future as Americans went to the polls on November 8, 2016. What led up to and resulted in this historic election is the subject of this new collection of poems.
Available at Amazon and other retailers. ISBN: 978-0-692-83203-5

Spiritual Musings

This collection of poems begins with a spiritual awakening, proceeds through the physical world and nature, and ends with life and death intertwining, returning, and completing the circle.
Available at Amazon and other retailers. ISBN: 978-0-692-80569-5

Popcultural Analysis

The Snowflake Effect: How the Self-Esteem Movement Ruined a Generation by Trey Willis

Popcultural Analysis is essentially a cultural analysis, but instead of research or data, which is usually tedious and boring to read at length, I use bits of pop culture to dissect society.

Available at Amazon and other retailers. ISBN: 1499795424

Mathematical Handwriting

Cursive Handwriting for Math Lovers by Julie Harper and Chris McMullen

Mathematical handwriting offers writing practice for students who enjoy mathematics. If you know someone who may benefit from handwriting practice, but who is more interested in math than the language arts, mathematical handwriting may provide a helpful compromise.

Available at Amazon and other retailers. ISBN: 1512181323

Interactive Fiction

The Click Your Poison series by James Schannep

These are “gamebooks” where you, as the reader, choose how the story unfolds. And the end of each chapter, you’re presented with multiple choices on how to proceed and the story changes based on your decisions.


Humor In A Death Shroud

Ascension Denied by E.A.A Wilson

This category is PERFECT for stories that deal with thought-provoking, big questions in a lyrical and hilarious way. Humor doesn’t have to be either silly or dark. It can be profound, soul-stirring and absurd. Death doesn’t have to be morbid either – it is inevitable, so why not examine the hilarity of it? By wrapping humor in a death shroud we can explore one of life’s biggest questions and at the same time snort great guffaws into our mugs of chai. Introducing, therefore, “Ascension Denied” by E.A.A Wilson. Described by NY bestselling author Scott Ciencin as “Fantastical, piercingly satirical” and by NY bestselling author Piers Anthony as “Lovely and descriptive” this story deals with the afterlife in a grounded, authentic and hilarious way.

Available on Amazon and all major online retailers. ISBN-10: 1457530759

Short and Simple Travel Memoir

Himalayas: Through Heaven and Hell in the Hills by Praveen Venkiteswara Annu

Memoirs of travel experiences that are an easy and quick read – in this case it is about my trip to Ladakh, a high altitude cold desert in the Indian Himalayas.

Exclusively available on Amazon – also on Kindle Unlimited. ASIN: B00Q003SPI

Fusion Fiction

Irish Firebrands by Christine Plouvier

This is fiction that crosses genre lines, in the literary tradition of novelists who write not for a narrowly defined market, but because they have an epic story to tell.

“Irish Firebrands” mixes these genre-marketing categories:

  • Contemporary Women
  • Romance / Contemporary
  • Occult & Supernatural
  • Paranormal
  • Religious
  • Inspirational
  • Psychological
  • Aging

Available in paperback & digital through retailers and libraries worldwide. ISBN-13 978-1484165706 ISBN-10 1484165705 B&N ID 2940016093796 Smashwords / e-book ISBN-13: 978-1301513826

Experimental Serial Anthology

Cliffhanger Castle by Maaja Wentz

Cliffhanger Castle by Maaja Wentz is an experimental serial anthology. It is free, ongoing, and available on Wattpad. I’d love for you to take a look at Cliffhanger Castle (Secret Special Project) because it is the only book of it’s kind on Wattpad, and possibly anywhere. I wrote chapter 1, chapter 2 was written by an award-winner author and chapter 3 will be decided by contest entry. The best chapter to resolve chapter 2’s cliffhanger and carry on with the suspense wins.


The Secret Special Project is a writing experiment with its heart in community. Expect chills, thrills, and breathtaking plot twists…

Do you love chapters that end on a cliffhanger? One part contest, one part serial anthology, one part battle of writerly of wits; this story features prize-winning writers, and contest-winning chapters to captivate your attention. Inspired by a real place, writers and readers can browse through linked media about the abandoned hotel, artist’s colony, ruins, gardens, lakeside cliffs, and ghost sightings.

Authors will showcase their styles as they get our young hero and heroine out of prior scrapes, and into worse ones.

Non-Conformist Nineties Kids

Shades of Blue by Joyce Scarbrough

Coming of age in the days before cell phones and Facebook. Two teens who are best friends deal with bullies, falling in love, uncovering family secrets, and at least one murder.

Available at Amazon. ASIN: B015RRC48Q.


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