Are you looking for a good deal on a romance novel to read on Kindle?

If so, check out the comments.

Are you an author or publisher who has a romance novel that will be on sale during December, 2019?

If so, you’re encouraged to leave a short comment. Please keep it concise. Your comment(s) may be removed if they take up too much vertical space, or if you post more than one comment (or for other reasons that we deem may not be in the best interest of readers and authors).

If you have multiple books on sale, please just pick one. For series authors, please pick the first book of the series or a boxed set.

The following information should be clear in your post:

  • Title and author.
  • Clearly a romance novel. Please indicate the subgenre.
  • Mention ONLY one place where it is on sale (e.g. Kindle or Smashwords). Indicate the sale and regular prices. If a discount code is needed, include it.
  • When is your book on sale? Give the start and end dates. Must be in December of 2019.
  • It would help to include the ASIN or ISBN or a short link that will help readers quickly find your book (either in the store where it’s on sale or a link to a page on your website that makes it clear how to find your book on sale).

Short comments that contain the information that readers need are best. Long comments or comments that take up much space vertically are discourteous both to readers and to fellow authors. If it is easy for readers to find information, readers are more likely to visit these pages.

What about other types of books, like science fiction or mystery? We may be adding pages for those types of books in the future. Check back again.

Thank you for your interest.

Give the gift of reading.


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